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About Us

Inspiring others to chase their dreams

The truth is… Smokey Blue would not be here if someone didn’t come along and say to me, pursue your dreams. Take the risk. There was always a level of fear in doing something that wasn’t “certain” or guaranteed. When I went back to school, I wanted to pursue a degree and find something that I was “guaranteed to always have a job”. So, I went into computer programming. After 12 years of sitting at a desk, writing code, along with coming to the realization that I was just not great at it… my wife challenged me, encouraged me to go do what I love. Making food… making great barbecue.

Since February of 2021, there have been long nights, set backs, trial by fire, and very often the “what did I get myself into” conversations. I was told early on by my mentor, your success is based on those you surround yourself with. Our growth, comes down to the people that wear the black and white and believe in what WE do. This is not a solo effort, this is not about one person… this is about people and community who have a desire for excellence and a passion to bring great food into the community. That’s Smokey Blue. That is who WE are. We can’t wait to meet you and serve you.

~Craig “Uncle Smokey” Boyer


Meet The Team

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